Why Our Work Matters

The growing Latino population has dramatically changed the complexion of the United States and the State of Colorado. By 2050, population estimates predict that one in three Americans will be Latino. In Colorado, more than 21 percent of the population is Latino, averaging the age of 26. The percentage of Latinos is going to continue to grow significantly over the next several decades.

But demography does not determine destiny.

Across all sectors, Latinos are underrepresented in leadership roles. Though Latinos represent 19 percent of the American workforce, they represent only three percent of Fortune 500 board of directors and two percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. In the philanthropic sector, Latinos account for less than three percent of foundation CEOs or presidents. In the political sector, only two percent of all local, state, and national elected offices are held by Latinos nationally. Of the 681 elected offices in Colorado, only 53 (seven percent) are held by Latinos.

Last year, Latinos spent more than $12.3 billion in Colorado. Latino-owned small businesses were an important factor in the state’s economic recovery. However, Latinos are almost non-existent on the boards of Colorado-based corporate boards, C-suite executive roles, or trade associations.

To ensure that Latinos serve in greater leadership roles, the LLI trains, supports, and elevates professional and executive Latinos to positions of influence.