Latino Leadership Institute Expands to a National Footprint Nonprofit Transitions from University of Denver to Build a Bigger Network | Latino Leadership Institute

DENVER, June 1, 2021 — Latino Leadership Institute (LLI), an organization focused on research and programming that elevates leaders in the Latino and BIPOC communities across all industries, announces its transition from its University of Denver (DU) affiliation to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization beginning July 1, 2021. The transition to an independent, non-profit organization is a direct response to the demand for a national network to nurture Latino and BIPOC leadership across the United States.

“After a successful incubation period at DU, LLI is primed to become an independent organization,” said DU Chancellor Jeremy Haefner. “We see our affiliations as an opportunity for DU to innovate programming that makes an impact beyond Colorado, and that’s exactly what LLI has done. Now they’re ready to fly.”

LLI’s partnership with DU will continue after July 1, but its operations, research and programming will be independent from the university. LLI and DU will work to collaborate around leadership development; diversity, equity and inclusion endeavors; and advancement of Latino and BIPOC entrepreneurship and economics.  

“We’ve been working toward independence since our 2018 strategic planning process,” said Joelle Martinez, executive director of the Latino Leadership Institute. “Our seven years at DU have prepared us for the national stage.”

LLI’s expansion to a national network answers the growing demand for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leadership and programming. Latino and BIPOC research, leadership training and DEI corporate programs are keys to unlocking the full economic and social potential of people, organizations and communities.

In the last few years, LLI has been growing its local sponsors and partners to include many national brands like Coca-Cola, Charles Schwab and AT&T. In addition to working with large Fortune 500 companies and government-tailored programs, the transition will have a positive impact on current LLI alumni allowing them to have a network of professionals across many industries and states.

To learn more about how LLI drives meaningful change with people, communities and organizations, contact Aliena Martinez, director of strategic partnerships at or 720.436.9118.


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Partnering with the University of Denver in 2014, the Latino Leadership Institute (LLI) was co-founded by Honorable Federico Peña and Timothy Márquez to create a comprehensive Fellowship program for

Latino professionals. Today, the LLI provides Latino and BIPOC professional development, market research and programming to organizations, including Charles Schwab and AT&T. To learn more about how LLI drives meaningful change, contact


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