Research shows that diverse teams see a 60% improvement in decision-making abilities.

As a center of excellence, the Latino Leadership Institute offers neuroscience-based curriculum and data-driven research to enable both private and public organizations to unlock the full potential of an increasingly diverse workforce.

Insight to Inclusive Leadership

Enhance Inclusive Leadership. Drive Diversity.


Based in neuroscience and grounded in history and context, the Insight to Inclusive Leadership course offers a new framework for individuals to become more inclusive leaders. Our unrivaled trainings are collaborative in nature and designed for organizations that see the opportunities and advantages of diverse and inclusive leadership and organizational culture.

Diverse teams see more revenue.

Companies with below-average diversity scores


average innovation revenue reported by companies

Companies with above-average diversity scores


average innovation revenue reported by companies

Source: BCG diversity and innovation survey, 2017 (n=1,681)
Note: Average diversity score calculated using the Blau index, a statistical means of combining individual indices into an overall aggregate index.

Drive Innovation Through Inclusive Leadership.

The LLI is proud to partner with Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, tenured Professor of Management at University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, and bring her cutting-edge research on organizational cultures of inclusion, uniqueness, and belonging directly to course participants. All participants of Insight to Inclusive Leadership receive a personalized assessment that identifies their strengths and follies as an inclusive leader by using a standardized inclusive leadership matrix developed through Dr. Johnson’s research.

What our clients are saying

“At Dynalectric, we’re committed to unleashing the potential in all of our employees. For us, LLI’s program is a company game changer that treats people with dignity and encourages the highest level of openness and cooperation from top to bottom.”

Gina M. Cullen
President & CEO
Dynalectric Colorado

“In my 47 years in the trade, I have taken literally dozens of seminars related to management training and I can say with full confidence this course was far above anything I have been through before.

The LLI presented a 6 module course covering content including but not limited to inclusion, equity, bias, workplace belonging, and integration.

The approach, even presented through the Zoom rather than in person, was refreshing, engaging, and many times eye-opening.

The fact that we did this with our IBEW partners created a wonderful new way for us all to see how we manage our specific entities and how we can work together to create a better environment for our existing employees as well as a new approach to recruitment.”

Craig W. Clark
Dynalectric Colorado

“Insight to Inclusive Leadership helped our team gain a more complete and shared DEI language and realize that progress is not just a matter of greater awareness.

The grounding of the sessions in neuroscience, particularly the roots of perceptions, behavior, and habits, was really helpful.

Insight to Inclusive Leadership made it more obvious why progress requires us to be intentional and that it takes time and repetition to retrain our brains.

Thank you to the LLI for providing a very valuable set of experiences and increasing our collective understanding.”


Thomas A. Gougeon
Gates Family Foundation

For more information, please contact Aliena Martinez at aliena@latinoslead.org.