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A Latino Leadership Development Program rooted In Context, Culture & Neuroscience

Latinos remain largely invisible in leadership positions. One barrier Latino professionals face is a lack of access to high-quality, culturally relevant professional development that will support them as Latino leaders in their career journey.

Ignite is a leadership development program that recognizes the unique professional journey of Latinos while using a neuroscience-based approach to workplace problem-solving.

For Latino Professionals


of Latino professionals report that they repress or hide part of their identity and culture at work because they believe that it will help them advance in their careers

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Opportunity with Ignite

Across sectors and industries, Latinos today will benefit from a leadership development program designed to reflect their rich diversity of experiences within the Latino community while meeting them where they are in their unique leadership journey.

Ignite provides Latino professionals with the opportunities to explore their identity, build confidence, use neuroscience to develop executive decision-making strategies, create a framework for advancement, and connect with other Latino professionals across sectors and industries.

Why Ignite Matters

Hear From Ignite Participants

Fuel for my Leadership Journey

“I have participated in several leadership programs, but none as rewarding as Ignite. This was the first time my cultural identity was the primary factor.

Ignite delves into concepts of self-identity and how our culture and experiences as Latinos play a role in our leadership style. Too often I have felt invisible as a Latino professional but now I feel included, respected, and valued.

I learned that my Latinidad is a strength versus a weakness. I highly recommend Ignite to anyone seeking to take their leadership to the next level and see the strength in their Latinidad.”

Mark Delgado
Lead Relationship Manager

Unapologetically Latina

“As a Latina, one of my biggest struggles was questioning my roots and identity within the greater community, resulting in impostor syndrome. I always apologized for who I was, and for what I wasn’t.

During Ignite, I learned about my personal ambition and developed attitudes, abilities, and actions that I will definitely be implementing as I continue on my leadership journey.

I am blessed to have been a part of the Ignite program, and will no longer apologize for who I am.”


Vianney Rodriguez
CWSP – Director of Operations
Arrupe Jesuit High School

Grow Your Social Network

Leadership is not a journey walked alone. Ignite is intentionally designed to build the social capital of Latino professionals through partner and small group work. Developed by Latinos for Latino professionals, Ignite is a space where participants bring visibility to the diversity of experiences among Latinos and actively challenge the notion of the Latino monolith. Collaborative in nature, Ignite provides participants a place to discover shared experiences and develop recognition and understanding of the journey they have been on as Latinos — and the journey they forge ahead. Ignite Alumni join a rapidly growing network of leaders.

The Ignite Journey

Ignite is a Latino leadership development program designed to reflect the rich diversity of experiences within the Latino community while meeting individuals where they are in their unique leadership journey.

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Ignite program details

Program Details

• One 60-minute Orientation followed by five 2-hour virtual sessions
• Participants directly apply each session’s key learning objectives in both independent and partner work

Ignite participants

Participants of Ignite are Motivated to:

  • Overcome internal and external barriers to success
  • Override unwanted thinking and habits
  • Learn strategies to make new thoughts and behaviors stick
  • Expand both professional and personal networks
Ignite Outcomes

Ignite Outcomes

  • Explore identity
  • Build confidence
  • Use neuroscience to develop executive decision-making strategies
  • Create a framework for advancement
Ignite pricing


$625 per participant

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