By 2030, nearly 30% of Colorado’s population will be Latino. The demographic destiny of Colorado and the U.S. will be characterized by the growing Latino population. With this dramatic demographic shift providing the context, the Latino Leadership Institute (LLI) at the University of Denver (DU) has developed a comprehensive vision to foster the professional development of Latinos and prepare organizations for the workforce of tomorrow.

In 2018, the LLI began offering relevant, innovative, and results-driven Leadership and Inclusion Trainings for the ever-changing, increasingly complex, and diverse workforce. Based in neuroscience, the trainings draw on ground-breaking research, proven leadership tactics, and motivation to lead an inclusive workforce. Through the Initiative 2030, the Institute partners with nationally-recognized researchers to share their data and provide a deeper understanding of a diverse Latino population. These reports provide a forecast for the future and allow us to analyze our level of preparedness. And finally, the LLI hosts quarterly symposiums designed to engage and inform new audiences on complex and pressing issues facing our community, state, and nation. The forums address civic engagement, education, ethnicity and race, energy, the environment, health care, and immigration.

Latino Research

The LLI partners with nationally-recognized researchers to share their data with diverse audiences and provide unrivaled expertise across topical areas.

Community Symposiums

The LLI hosts a series of Community Symposiums designed to engage the larger community on pressing issues facing the Latino community, state, and nation.

L&I Trainings

The LLI provides organizations and companies of all sizes with uniquely designed Leadership Seminars modeled after the Fellowship’s program design.

The LLI staff is working remotely until further notice. We will continue to connect with our community and partners in every way that we can. Please reach out to us directly via email or at