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Kendra Sandoval

Kendra is an accomplished consultant and strategist in the areas of team management, sustainable growth, economic, and policy development.

With her Master’s Degree in Environmental Leadership and Sustainability, she has 12 years of experience organizing national, regional, and local community stakeholders using models that support peaceful and just strategies. She specializes in bridging the gap between policy, sustainability, and diverse communities.

Her tactical knowledge includes experiential leadership training, program design and project implementation. Through these pursuits, Kendra supports local business growth and public engagement. She provides advice and reports to executive officials on innovation, compliance, resource allocation, budgeting and operational matters. She is experienced in complex government/community integration and transitional urban planning. She has facilitated business teams and projects for municipal and neighborhood development including community capacity building, local programming, and food systems.

Kendra excels at assisting government, commercial business and non-profit organizations meet the goals of balancing the triple bottom-line which include fiscal, environmental, and social health.

Her specialties: Consulting for Local Food Systems, Campaign Strategies, Voter Outreach, Communication Planning, Public Speaking, Leadership Training and Systems Implementation.

When not strategizing on sustainable systems, Kendra loves outdoor activities which keep her close to nature. Also, you might find her lost in travel books designing her next adventure abroad.

Current Position: Principal, Sandoval & Sandoval LLC


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