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Nancy Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez is an Equity Specialist Coordinator at the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center in Denver, Colorado. In this role, she helps to provide, upon request, technical assistance and training for school boards, school districts, Tribal Education Agencies and other responsible governmental agencies to promote equitable education opportunities and access for all students. Emphases are on those problems of equity that are occasioned by desegregation on the basis of race, sex, and national origin, improving access for all students to STEM—as well as improving the school environment and school safety by helping schools address and prevent sexual harassment and bullying.
Nancy is the Mexican-American bilingual daughter of immigrants with over sixteen years of experience in the education and nonprofit sectors. Her previous employers include the Gill Foundation, the Colorado Parent Information and Resource Center, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and the Westminster Public Schools Foundation. As a parent engagement, college readiness, higher education access and scholarship expert, she provides training and information for educators, staff, and community advocates who want to support underrepresented students and families in education. She has presented in English and Spanish on topics such as guiding Latino families through the higher education process, accessing FAFSA and financial aid, supporting DACA students, and working with first generation, low-income students.

Current Position: Equity Specialist Coordinator, Western Educational Equity Assistance Center

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Colorado College

Lives In: Denver, CO

Areas of Expertise:

  • Bilingual
  • Bilingual Communications
  • College Access
  • College Retention
  • Education
  • Education Leadership
  • Education Policy
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Higher Education
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Scholarship and Program Management
  • Scholarships
  • Technical Support/Service
  • Youth Development

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