The Growing Influence of Latino Millennials in Today’s Workplace

Mar 12, 2024

By Joelle Martinez, President & CEO, Latino Leadership Institute
Fast Company Executive Board

Latinos make up nearly 25% of all U.S. millennials, making them the second largest cohort. Read More.

Why this matters: Employers looking for a competitive edge must recognize that Latino millennials are the talent of both today and the future.

  • Ambitious. As Latino millennials enter the workforce with ambitious goals and a strong desire to learn and lead, they often face slower career advancement compared to their white counterparts.
  • Diverse & Intersectional. This vibrant group is rich in multicultural, multilingual, & multiracial identities. Unlike earlier generations, Latino millennials are acutely aware of their intersectional individual identities.
  • Demand Inclusion & Belonging. For Latino millennials, inclusion goes beyond mere representation. They value their cultural background, language, and perspectives as assets, seeking environments where they can connect with colleagues and contribute to the organization.
  • Face a Growing Leadership Gap. Latinos hold only 11% of management positions and a mere 5% of senior and executive roles. This has a profound impact on this generation of workers, who seek relatable mentors and sponsors and long to work for diverse organizations at every level.

The impact of Latino millennials on our workforce and economy is profound and undeniable.

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