for Latino Professionals

Latinos remain largely invisible in leadership positions.

One barrier Latino professionals face is a lack of access to high-quality, culturally relevant professional development that will support them as Latino leaders in their career journey.

Latino Professionals


of Latino professionals report that they repress or hide part of their identity and culture at work because they believe that it will help them advance in their careers


Grow Your Social Network

Ignite is intentionally designed to build the social capital of Latino professionals through partner and small group work by providing a space where participants bring visibility to the diversity of experiences among Latinos and actively challenge the notion of the Latino monolith.

Ignite for Latino Professionals

Program Details

  • One 60-minute Orientation followed by five 2-hour virtual sessions
  • Participants directly apply each session’s key learning objectives in both independent and partner work

Participants of Ignite are Motivated to:

  • Overcome internal and external barriers to success
  • Override unwanted thinking and habits
  • Learn strategies to make new thoughts and behaviors stick
  • Expand both professional and personal networks


Why Ignite Matters

Hear From Ignite Participants

A New Way of Seeing Old Problems

“Ignite brought together a diverse group of individuals in an equally diverse representation of professional areas. With the support of well-organized course material and engaging facilitators, we discussed various topics, including overcoming success barriers and the application of neuroleadership in culturally specific leadership development – a particular interest of mine.

The small group breakouts were a highlight and allowed us to apply the material directly to our professional journeys. The epiphanies during these discussions prompted some to consider new ways of seeing old problems. Others were inspired to change their career direction.

I will continue applying the principles I learned in my healthcare and virtual care leadership roles.”

Jerriene Cordova,
Senior Director of Business Development, Healthcare Strategy and Innovation

Leadership is In Our Roots

“I highly recommend the Ignite program from the Latino Leadership Institute. Over the years, I have attended both corporate and cultural programs that sought to develop highly functional and dynamic leaders. While they did provide excellent training it really came at the expense of checking your ‘Latinidad’ at the door.

The Ignite program is revolutionary because it focuses on extracting the ‘perceived weaknesses’ of our cultural and ethnic identity and refocusing those into strengths.

Through the program, we learned how to leverage our roots as the greatest asset in our professional and leadership journeys.”

Augi Chavez,
Senior Operations Manager, Lumen Technologies

Rekindled My Joy & Passion as an Agent of Change

“When I began researching professional development programs, I wanted a program rooted in culture, community, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and a true reflection of myself.

I found more than I anticipated in the Ignite program. The coursework was informative; however, the application of the information and the rhythmic pattern of thought and expression transcended this program from good to great.

The trust built between the facilitators and attendees created a safe space where sharing personal worldviews, traumas, and experiences as they related to the course impacted me both professionally and personally.

Through Ignite, I have rekindled my passion for being an agent of change.”

Emilia Felix,
Sr. Project Manager | EPMO, Colorado Access

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