Unlocking Latino Potential

Latinos are not just an excellent addition to our nation’s economic growth and community prosperity; they are essential.

With nearly 78% of new workers in this decade being Latino, Latinos are the backbone of our talent pipeline. Yet, despite their undeniable contributions, Latinos face the most significant leadership gap of any demographic group in the U.S.

This presentation brings together data, personal narratives, and practical solutions to unlock Latino potential and inspire action to promote Latino career, economic, and social success. Attendees leave with a deeper appreciation of the Latino experience and a new drive to ensure that Latino leaders reach their full potential.

Unlocking Latino Potential includes current data and research on:

  • U.S. changing demographics
  • Latino economic influence
  • U.S. workforce replacement
  • Latino leadership gap
  • Latino experience in society and in the workplace
  • Latina career barriers

Keynote Presentation Time: 45-minutes with 10-minute Q&A

Key Takeaways

Attendees leave with:

  • 4 keys to ensuring Latino leaders reach their full potential
  • Current U.S. Latino demographic, workforce, and economic research and data
  • A deeper appreciation of the Latino experience
  • A call to action encouraging individuals to embrace their role as catalysts for change


Joelle L. Martinez

About Joelle L. Martinez

President & CEO, Latino Leadership Institute

Joelle L. Martinez is a nationally recognized executive, strategist, speaker, and facilitator. A visionary leader, Joelle dedicates her life to helping cross-sector leaders realize their individual potential as well as the economic and social opportunities presented by an increasingly diverse U.S. populace.

“Joelle’s keynote speech on Unlocking Latino Potential is unparalleled. She contextualizes data and research, weaves in storytelling from history and her own experience, and inspires audiences to bring what they’ve learned to future conversations and decision-making.”

China L. Jude
Vice President, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Denver Broncos Football Club

“Joelle Martinez delivered an engaging and insightful opening presentation at our ALL IN Conference, which is focused on DEI in the sports industry. Her unique ability to provide compelling data in parallel with anecdotal evidence creates an opportunity for the audience to better understand the business case for unlocking the potential of the Latino community.”

Lori Fuller
Program Director
Sports Business Journal

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