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Latino Entrepreneur Access Program

Growth-Stage Entrepreneur Accelerator
for Latino & BIPOC Business Leaders

LEAP (Latino Entrepreneur Access Program):

  • Goes beyond a conventional accelerator model
  • Is a growth-stage ecosystem designed to address the unique business journey of Latino and BIPOC entrepreneurs
  • Incorporates technical, social, and financial tools and resources with the support and rigor of a paid advisory board provided to LEAP entrepreneurs for one year
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Latino Entrepreneur Access Program

LEAP addresses all key components of growth and scale by providing LEAP entrepreneurs access to three critical resources: technical, social, and financial capital

Latino Entrepreneur Access Program

LEAP is designed to drive three major outcomes for entrepreneurs:

  • Sustained profitable revenue growth
  • Workforce expansion
  • Access to new capital from public and private financing sources

Why LEAP Matters

Inequities & Opportunity Gaps Significantly Limit the Full Potential of Latino &
BIPOC Entrepreneurs

LEAP Closes the Economic Opportunity Gap in Entrepreneurship

There are only 330,000 Latino-owned businesses with employees in the U.S. Only 3% of Latinos are accepted into traditional accelerator programs primarily focused on the start-up community.

LEAP is different. It is designed and built with access to culturally relevant expertise, tools, and resources to accelerate profitable revenue growth, workforce expansion, and realize the full economic potential of growth-stage Latino and BIPOC-owned businesses.

Business Ownership is an Equalizer of Wealth Disparity

On average, business owners have a median net worth 12x higher than those who do not own a business. However, Latino and Black Americans have levels of net worth that are only one-tenth of those held by White Americans.

LEAP is designed to help bridge the gap by mitigating or negating the effects of structural obstacles to business sustainability, growth, and expansion for Latino and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Culturally Relevant Expertise & Resources Matter

Latino and BIPOC entrepreneurs have less access to financial, technical, and social capital, making it more costly and time-consuming to grow and scale their businesses.

LEAP provides access to culturally relevant expertise and resources to address the more nuanced and complex challenges faced by Latino and BIPOC businesses focused on expansion and sustainability.

LEAP Entrepreneurs

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Latino and BIPOC founders and business owners:

  • Operating a business headquartered in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, or New Mexico for a minimum of 3 years
  • Generating a minimum $250,000 ARR
  • Demonstrating potential for growth and scale


LEAP Outcomes

  • Sustained profitable revenue growth
  • Workforce expansion
  • Access to new capital from public and private financing sources
Latinos Lead - LEAP Entrepreneurs

Program Overview

  • 1-year program
  • 6 sessions featuring business subject matter experts on horizontal business topics such as preparing capital investments, recruiting and retaining top talent, and increasing sales and market reach
  • Individually selected and assigned paid advisory board members and mentor for one year
  • Individual business assessment


Contact Harry Hollines for more information.

Advisory Board

Building an Extraordinary Latino & BIPOC Advisory Board with Diverse Expertise

The LEAP Advisory Board is composed of CEOs, senior executives, and industry experts with substantial expertise in sales and marketing, operations, fundraising, and finance.

Advisory board members share a commitment to teach, mentor, and coach LEAP entrepreneurs who are primed for future success. They work alongside other industry, business, and financial leaders while working directly with tomorrow’s success stories. Their expanded network and board experience serves as a springboard for larger nonprofit and for-profit boards.

Advisory board members are compensated for their participation in quarterly board meetings and mentorship sessions.

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The Colorado Trust
Gates Family Foundation
Kenneth King Foundation
Molson Coors
New Community Transformation Fund- Denver
US Bank
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
1st Bank