Aliena Martinez | Latino Leadership Institute

Aliena directs, oversees, and executes key organizational strategies for the LLI, including go-to-market strategy, program development, and marketing and communications. Aliena brings extensive experience in Fortune 500 corporate leadership, product development and management, marketing, and strategic organizational development. In a 2015 profile of her career by Hispanic Executive magazine, Aliena was named the “Merger Master” for being the “problem solver, strategist, analyst, and issues-juggler [who once solved] the puzzle of merging five companies into one” during her tenure at Miller Heiman Group, a global leader in sales training. Prior to joining the LLI, Aliena was a senior executive at Corporate Express, Miller Heiman Group, and Envysion, leading the development and management of a wide array of products and brands and using her position and strategic vision to shape the growth and future of each company. In 2021, Aliena was named a C-Suite Award Winner by the Denver Business Journal, an award given to senior executives who help CEOs achieve their vision in a rapidly changing climate. Aliena is an Alumna of the LLI Fellowship Program.