Michelle Martinez-Cardon | Latino Leadership Institute
303-871-6742 info@latinoslead.org

Michelle is responsible for the development, strategy, and delivery of LLI’s professional development programs and Insight to Inclusive Leadership program. With 25 years in corporate program development and instructional design, Michelle has helped build training programs that are internationally recognized by both industry leaders and regulatory bodies. Most recently, Michelle served as Senior Training Specialist at Western Union, where she created, maintained, and updated company training materials and coordinated global and targeted training projects across the organization. Among her many areas of focus, she has specialized in human resources, where she developed leadership, diversity, and manager training. She has brought her expertise to other industries including telecommunications and aviation and is highly regarded for her comprehensive knowledge of training requirements. In 2021, Michelle received the Western Union WU Way Stars Award for Process Improvement Implementation after working on a year-long project to improve a global training program that covered 90+ countries. Michelle is an Alumna of the LLI Fellowship Program.