The Latino Executive Leadership Gap

May 23, 2023

Latinos Face Persistent & Expanding Executive Leadership Gap


In 1990, Latinos represented 8% of U.S. workforce participation and held 3% of executive leadership positions, a relatively narrow gap of five percentage points. Twenty-one years later, the U.S. Latino workforce participation has more than doubled, increasing to nearly 20%. Yet, Latino representation in executive leadership has remained largely unchanged, widening this gap to 450%.

Without intervention, the Latino executive leadership gap is on track to increase to 600% by 2050.


No business or organization is immune to the implications of this gapToday’s visionary leaders understand the business and social value of building a pipeline of diverse talent to fill their management and executive leadership teams. But doing so quickly and effectively can be a challenge for organizations no matter their size, sector, or industry.


What we can do:

Understand Latinos are an economic, workforce, and social superpower. Latinos contribute their skills, talents, and labor to various industries, driving innovation, productivity, and economic competitiveness. By recognizing the contributions and influence of Latinos today, decision-makers can design long-term talent strategies to strengthen a diverse and dynamic workforce.

Make real investments to yield real success. Currently, only 0.5% of Latinos have access to professional development opportunities tailored to their unique experiences. Investing in and supporting Latino talent through ERGs and BRGs in collaboration with organizations like the LLI unlocks Latino professional confidence, enhances decision-making skills, and provides social capital for career advancement.

Expand and include the Latino experience in DEI strategies and efforts. Adding a Latino lens to DEI recognizes the diverse Latino experience, ensures representation, addresses intersectionality, promotes cultural competence, and positively impacts business and society. This inclusion in existing DEI initiatives helps foster a supportive environment, empowering Latinos to contribute diverse perspectives and drive organizational success.